This page tells the history of The Legacy of Sylver's development beginning in 2006. Pease note that this page contains some spoilers to the story, so it is advised to read the story first if wished to avoid them.

October 17, 1992
Kylric Wyma was born. This is important information, right?
Tabletop dice role-playing game was started in-home in Arizona by Kylric Wyma, called Advanced Pokémon to play with friends. His personal character was named Vincent Verona and was there to assist other player characters throughout the game.
After several months, Vincent's role was changed to that of a Messanger, the Spiritual Council was created and writing began based on role-plays with Vincent and a friend's character named Raven. A new world was established based on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers games. The Northern Flare Continent was created as Dialga's home and a gateway to this new world.
Roleplays came to a stop while playing through the new world. The writing progressed past these events on Kylric's own planning. The story came to a close sometime later in the year but further plans developed, including a backstory to Vincent.
After meeting a community of people over YouTube called the Eon Family (via Wii browser), a Dark Latios character was created for roleplays, with the name Eriah (based on the name of a previous character of Kylric's). This name became an alias online and stuck as what people would call him from that point on, being preferrable to his real name. Further communications moved to Chatango and deviantART. In November, Kylric gained access to a personal laptop and began writing a new story based on a friend in the Eon Family, Brad Snider's story, The Commission Chronicles. This new story was called The Guardian of Sylverstone and was to take place one year after Kylric's original writing. After posting the story to deviantART, writing began based on the original story and Vincent's backstory was fully fleshed out. This prequel story was called The Messanger of Time, and began Kylric's more serious commitment to the stories.
After finishing The Messanger of Time, Kylric's writing style began to change and develop further. The Guardian of Sylverstone was rewritten in a first person perspective from Vincent's standpoint and Eriah was further developed. The original character holding the name was given a more unique name based on that of a character from the Dragon Cave site. Virsullae's son Draco was created and later, Eriah was changed into a Light Latios.
Nearing the end of the writing, a third story was developed and teased to readers on deviantART, with a small hinting dialogue as to what would be seen in this story. At this point, the growing series was called the Temporal Series, based on the first two stories involving Vincent and Eriah. Upon finishing The Guardian of Sylverstone, the third story, called Darkness of Dimension, began as a prequel to The Messanger of Time, taking place thirty years before and progressing to run alongside the first two stories as a side story. It was planned out and written alongside one of his best friends.
Progressing through the third story, Kylric began to deviate into other stories and further establish the series, having developed a fourth story to establish Vincent's life before he became a Messanger of the Spiritual Council. This new story was to be called The Messanger's Shadow and was planned to be made into a game on RPG Maker XP. However, development was slow and Kylric lacked resources. Due to certain incidences which caused the Eon Family to come apart, Kylric decided to split his story off from roleplays and start writing on his own, deciding that it would be best to continue solo in order to prevent complications between other involved people. The series was then renamed to The Legacy of Sylver series. Writing on Darkness of Dimension began to slow down and chapters were posted with extended delays due to planning other parts of the series, including another sequel, called The Legacy of Sylver (after the series' own name) as an ending to the series- a story that would bring the others together in a final close.
Having gone through some problems involving Kylric's life outside the internet, writing slowed substantially and there was a long gap of quiet as he lost access to his laptop and was forced to rely on an Android smartphone for communications and further development. After buying his own laptop, he began to work more seriously on the series once more. After relocating to Oregon and more planning and the development of a sixth story to run alongside The Legacy of Sylver, called Nocturnal Sanction, Kylric began to go back and rewrite The Messanger of Time, having stopped progression of Darkness of Dimension to better work on the series as a whole and write a finalized version of each story. This rewrite was posted to his own website on Freewebs, however due to the staggering pace of posting chapters over the two years, readers fell off and the series began to fade into the background.
In order to establish a reader base once more, Kylric made plans to post The Messanger of Time to other sites, including, Kingdom Hearts Insider Forums and EnixOrigin Forums. While readers slowly began to increase, motivation to write had decreased substantially. To further complicate things, changes in some sites caused the posting of further chapters to become harder. The use of, Freewebs and EnixOrigin Forums ceased, but the story was being posted again to deviantART and branced out to FurAffinity.
Moving from Freewebs, Kylric started developing his sites on Wix, having grown comfortable with the design and freedom of the site, and the capability to create his sites with more personalized appearance and features. Still, due to lacking a substantial number of readers, Kylric then lacked the motivation to write finalized chapters and posting began to delay from weeks to months. Even with the constant help of a close friend and the development of several more stories to advance the series into a second, and even a third phase, writing The Messanger of Time became so far spread out that he had all but given up.
After constant planning and development of further stories and the occasional chapter written for The Messanger of Time, Kylric began to grow more confident in his ability again. However, he held off writing until he would move and find a more permanent residence in the city of Portland, where he planned to branch out there and start developing more of his writing in a more secure and enjoyable living environment.
Writing has continued at a snail's pace but development had made its ups and downs in the series. Today, Kylric plans to branch out again and try to reach out to his readers in to attempt to build up once again. He plans to gather as many people as he can in hopes of regaining his once great motivation to write the series and make a move forward towards its completion. So today, March 23, 2016, ten years after starting the series, Kylric calls out to those reading his stories and advises to spread the word. Should he establish a more stable reader base again, he wishes to make real progress once again.