Liathear (The Grey Ether)
The first realm, created as a realm of Order to balance the Chaos Rift so that other realms can be safely formed. Its inhabitants have a particular connection to the fundamental properties of the universe, giving them unique traits, as well as abilities unlike those of other realms.

Opacare Mundi (Dusk Realm)
Part of a trio of sister realms, which came about in the aftermath of a splintered realm. This is where the Spiritual Council's origins lie, with its foundations dating back over two thousand years in the past, when humans still existed and four nations stood. An invisible fog surrounds this realm and gives it a unique dim tone, like the setting sun at dusk. This realm is based on that of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers.
Aurora Mundi (Dawn Realm)
The second of the sisters bourne as a result of the splintered realm. A thin and unnoticeable mist covers this realm, giving the refreshing feeling of a new dawn to those who would experience it firsthand. This realm is based on that of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team.
Pervium Mundi (Realm of Passage)
The third of the three sisters formed from the traces of the splintered realm. This realm is shrouded in mystery around its unique and complex system of tunnels which cross each other between points of space and link parts of the world together as passages. These passages are accessible through the use of what archaeologists called ley lines. This realm is based on that of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity.

Implexum Mundi (Realm of Entanglement)
A realm with ties to the three sisters, having a close link between them. Certain things which happen in this realm have minor impacts on the three depending on the location of the event. This realm is based on that of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Regnum Decus (Realm of Dragons)
A realm existing within a plane of deep space. Within it lies several planets, each inhabited by different species of dragons. Since time immemorial, wars have been waged between the dragon races in thirst for supremacy, which wracked the early realms and threatened the stability of time and space across them. It was after Dialga and Palkia took action that the realm was locked into place where it could do no more harm to its neighbors. However, traces of the conflict still linger in other realms, even if only vaguely.
Tellum Mundi (Earthrealm)
A realm formed early in the expansion of the universe. It's faced heavy development throughout its existence and has reached a point of stability to be seen by outsiders as the perfect world. It is a vast world whete many nations stand. This realm is based on that of the mainstream Pokémon games.
Essentia Mundi (Tarian Realm)
A young and small realm inhabited by species crossed between humans and animals. Only two major continents rest in a world orbited by three small moons. These moons have been established as a primary source of materials which have allowed for the progression of technology at a rapid pace. It would be these people who are the first to establish real contact between other realms.
Astrum Mundi (Stellar Realm)
A fragmented realm in an unstable space which has seen staggering development over time. It is a unique world orbiting a binary star system, giving it unusually long periods of daylight which are difficult to predict accurately. Because of its unusual state, its inhabitants have adopted particular traits which set them apart from those of other realms, some being more dangerous than others.